Monday, January 14, 2008

Whats your Tribe!

For the last couple of days, it looks like rather than write my own thoughts, I am posting links to other peoples blogs. But, what can i say, sometimes, you come across something that is so well written that you have to just have to acknowledge it.

I sometimes struggle with how to discuss ethnic and tribal politics as a Kenyan. I am totally opposed to tribalism, nepotism or any other ism's that could be out there. I have a number of friends of the same mindset, but listening to us talk about it, it is shocking how many different layers and nuances there are to tribalism and even though we may not think we are, we have some deeply ingrained habits, values etc that are rooted in our ethnic heritage and background (and I am not talking about being a kenyan).

Well, it is sad to see how big of an impact our tribes still plays in our politics and how we automatically will fall into these roles that are when you think about it, really ridiculous.

So, I came across this very well written piece that you really need to read. Here are some excerpts.

"When I lived in Kibera some years ago, I shared my modest crib with Onyango, Kimani, Kipngeno, Mutisya and Abdi."............

In short we were more than brothers, and we remained so for 5 years until the elections were called. It was time to part ways. We got new identities jaluo, msapere, mkale, mkamba, walalo and banye ...........

You have to read the rest for yourself.

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