Monday, January 21, 2008

Oops! Spoke too Soon

Well, can anyone spell headcase or what! Honestly, there are times and situations when you need to think before you speak, because, looking inconsistent, or just plain flaky, can really come back at you and backfire.

Case in point. Ya, economic pressure, is the high road, but well, in the long term, when you have psychophants like Mugabe, all it does is translate into years of pain and suffering for the common person. And well, as seen in Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, all you get is talking heads from the international community. Maybe find a whole bunch of oil, or well, start crying Al Qaeda is establishing a base or some crazy stuff like that and maybe you will get meaningful intervention.

I am a strong believer that Africa is on its own. Sink or swim, no one really cares about you as long at they can keep raping the continent and getting its resources. But you can keep dying in your slums and huts and no one will care a lick. Okay, I better stop with the ramblings before I am thrown into Mathare.

What I am trying to say is;
  • To the ODM pentagon, think through stuff before start making announcements. You only hurt your cause when you say this today and reverse course tomorrow. Frankly, to be honest, I think you guys are riding on the coat tails of the kenya peoples anger. I have listened to stories of how the country practically exploded when these elections were stolen. Frankly, this cycle, ODM you were the beneficiary that the people elected to entrust the next 5 years to, but they are not angry because ODM has been wronged. They are mad because the Kenyan people have been wronged. (Are you keeping up with me). SOOOOOO, in watching the whole situation, i still dont see a coordinated leadership from you, beyond pronouncements and hooliganisms. There is a difference between a mob and a movement. As long as the people are kept as separate mobs, the government will keep pushing you around.
  • I like to think that maybe we can take the high road and use sanctions and all. However, I really dont think that will work because in the meantime, if you boycott all these industries, it is a poor kenyan who is loosing their job, getting fired etc. If you really want to do this, find something that also puts immediate pressure on these crazys who are trying to steal our country. Hence, as i said, barricade their homes and offices and starve them out, cut off electricity and phones to their houses and well, lay a siege so that they can feel that pain. If the people can eat, they shouldnt be eating too.
So, not a very coherent blog today, but i have it off my chest.

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