Monday, January 28, 2008

In Mourning

Okay, Where to Start!

I hope this picture from a reuters article today makes you sick.

What the heck does this child have to do with Kibaki, Raila, Mungiki or any other person/group or whatever/whoever you have a fight against. What does taking out your anger on her solve.

I am so ready to rant and rave...

But for now.....

All I can do is mourn for my country.....

And for myself......

Because I have a cause.......

I want justice in my country

I want to be ruled by government that i have elected

But my voice, my cause is getting lost

lost in the midst of all this meaningless violence, in the face of hooligans and roving gangs,

and finally as the calls for peace get louder, as reasonable people ask if this is all worth it,

when the dust settles, what will have happened to my cause,

which was after all, for my beloved country,

and what will happen to my country when we give it back to another set of incompetent leaders (whoever they might be)

And the peoples voice is again silenced ................ and for how long, i don't know.

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